Friday, 25 March 2011


Well I've been a single parent for 1.5 years now and in addition to all the practical and emotional difficulties of being on your own with a child/ children I am sick of hearing about how single parents don't work, have no money, have children who go off the rails and are generally sub-standard. I also grew up in a single parent family and although I would never say a single parent family is something to be aimed for it's time our society acknowledged the amazing contribution single parents are making. Every day trying to give your children what two parents would be giving, every day worrying about the impact of having only one parent at home and too often being reminded of what other people think, and the negative stereotypes which exist. I'm over it and people need to realise it's quality and not quantity! I'm going to record how I feel and how I cope (or struggle) and if one person reads this and feels a tiny bit better then it's a job well done. If you're a single parent then rest assured I bet you're AMAZING. More soon....

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